Consciousness is a Fight (October, 2014)

Consciousness is a Fight

against our evils and the evils of others

for how could you truly avoid those who have been enslaved by a devil in this connected world

and your friends besides - should we not help those who are afflicted before our friends must deal with them?

and who are our friends?

could it possibly be that the afflicted would appreciate our helpful suggestions and one day - one glorious day - be our friends as well.

If the devil could he might make everybody turn away from those in need such that the problems caused would perpetuate and even escalate.

One great conceit is to make everyone lack the patience to help each other and rather make war against every slight from, every slip of, our potential friends.

Just remember that our thoughts are not only are own and that the content of an evil world can be placed there and direct our activity to be filled with error.

Another great conceit is to make everyone not care if they are evil or in error and damn them to an existence of nondiscerning laxity.

A great illusion it would be adrift in society in this way - never recognizing better from worse or caring about the difference.

The potential for a better world is there, we need only carefully suggest to one another to unblock it.

What is more valuable than to keep the insanity of evil away that threatens to tear apart our collective consciousness?