Lesson 1: Landscape (Plein air and otherwise) Drawing

Introduction to practice and theory:

A. Materials

ruler, mirror, plumb line,

easel, board/support,

drawing materials, kneaded eraser, white pastel/chalk, brush/stump

paper - benefit of a starting middle tone/ground






B. Sight size





C. History

who were the good painters and why - landscape painters I like


George Inness -

Thomas Cole -

Frederick Church -



Monchablon -

Loir -

Corot - The Bridge at Narni

Cortes -


Russian et al.

Levitan -

Shishkin -









D. Aims

practical - reading well close up and at a distance in various light conditions, archivality, framing, keeping and creating own materials,

theoretical - determining how much - defining the good picture, rules and breaking rules (relationship to tradition)


begun 2-9-18