Is moral measurement, of a universe or society or an individual, possible? What would the benefits be of measuring such a thing? The answer to these questions is the purpose of this project.

The indiviudual. Measuring the moral worth, or the sum worth of all moral actions, of an individual actually does not make much sense in isolation from the greater totality of beings. Why? Because each moral action affects other things, other people, other inhabitants of our universe. Even if we do not intend an effect (a bad effect for example), it can still occur. The question for a moral measurement mechanism becomes: how important are intentions in the process of evaluating moral worth. Can I be held responsible for my bad effects even if I did not intend them. At this stage in my thinking, I think the answer is yes.

Individuals are epicenters of moral action, they can choose right from wrong, even under the duress to be evil that is perpetrated upon them by evil others. Each epicenter then can be looked at to see what effect is that individual having on others and itself as well.

Logistics. To get an accurate measure of each individual's choices in terms of their moral value, their consequential moral benefit, each action would have to be scored. In fact, each part of each action would need to be scored to get an exhaustive evaluation. This does seem impossible. However, with enough brain and computer power put to the test, some evaluation could be made for each individual. How would it work? I think this, it's final form, could incorporate massive amounts of filming and evaluation of the filmed lives of the individuals to determine if each choice of the individual is good or bad and how much. A whole industry could emerge where people are paid to watch individual videos to see if each moral action can be isolated and scored. This filming part (from the outside) could be combined with EKG or other continuous brain scan technology (the insides) to determine precisely what each person intends on a second-by-second basis, as well as what effects the individual is having on itself and what effect the environment is having on the individual. If every being decided to be scanned in this way, an estimate of each individual on the "total environment" could be estimated.

Benefits. The benefits of such a system are enormous. With each person scored and rated as to their moral worth (which coud be defined as the positive benefit to society by that individual), everybody could know who are the "best" people to associate and befriend, hire, date, and so on. In an Aristotelian fashion, offices or let us say resources could be allocated to those individuals who perform the best and create the greatest moral worth through their actions.

Intentions. A quick note on intentions. Intended moral actions could be scored higher than unintended moral actions. It does seem that evil people, who intend less good, will score less well even if intentions are not considered.