1. Maximize Good

2. (and) Minimize Error, Evil and Harm through having the Least Bad Effect on others/the universe/one's self

3. Beware of the societal effects of nondualism

4. Understand the importance of the will towards goodness as crucial to maximizing good

5. Ethics/morals depend on calculation of benefit

6. To cover the misdeeds of friends with lies is not, oftentimes, the friendliest activity and way to aid that friend

7. Forgiveness from victims can be difficult to attain; it is their right to withhold it; this fact should deter much harm; the withholding of forgiveness can be devastating to the psyche

8. Helpers should provide Suggestions and Warnings first, then forced changes if only absolutely necessary to produce Good; consent is crucial to making the to-be-changed aware of the process they will undergo; the changed can revert to a previously better state of mind if they are aware of the changes they have undergone; consent also honors the integrity of the individual

9. Do not misunderstand the possibility of being friends in the future with your presently-identified "enemies"

10. Marry creativity with goodness/utility/usefulness to avoid useless creative productions

--begun 5-8-16