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I have been chosen to be a California Art Club artist member, something I have been trying to accomplish for 28 years!


I have self-published a book about my San Gabriel Valley landscapes. Including the cities of Pasadena, South Pasadena, and Alhambra, the 20-page book has images and a short description of my artistic journey. Get your copy from through the following link:


Now featuring TENDON,
the short story (less than ten pages) of one approach to the human - sentient machine problem of the future. Why read Tendon? In less than about 15 minutes, transport yourself to the context and arguments I have created to help each one of you reason and meditate about the problem of pursuing a good life in the realm of sentient machines. Compare your point of view on the matter with the character views I created to bring to light a solution to the problems of our collective future.

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(October 2014)*
this poem was read as part of a virtual performance of "Awakenings" -
created by my high school alma mater, Polytechnic School - on December 4th, 2020 at 7 pm. (17:16)

(October 2015)

Forlorn at the sight (4-3-17)

In the trace of her eyes (4-6-17)

All This to House my Character (10-27/28-17)

The Slick (4-14-21)

Something Overheard


(May 2015)

Least Bad Effect - A Note on Non-violence
(in progress, begun 8/17/15)

Surviving to Surviving Well -
An Important Transition (begun 8/17/15)

Philosophy of Harm (begun 4/6/16)

10 Principles (begun 5/8/16)


Beauty Course: Literature Review

Beauty and the Good: Situating the Kalon. Kosman, Aryeh. Classical Philology, Vol. 105, No. 4, Special issue: Beauty, Harmony, and the Good. Edited by Elizabeth Asmis (October 2010), pp. 341-357. my review.